berlin food tips

Berlin foodie hitlist

So you've made it to Berlin for a little trip and there are so many amazing things to do and see that you just don't know where to start.

Of course the most important matter at hand is what to eat and where.

It's all too easy to get a little lost when you visit a new city and if you're only there for a few days or so, you need a little guidance. It's always best when you know someone that lives there, a friend that can take you by the hand to all their favourite spots and lead you away from all the tourist hellholes. You may be thinking, that's all well and good but we don't know anyone that lives here in Berlin.

There you'd be wrong.

You have me!

And this blog is for you- an easy, concise plan of foodie action for when you are in Berlin for a holiday and want to make the most of your trip without any culinary mishaps.

Follow these steps and you will have yourself a truly delicious, vibrant and an extremely Berlin holiday.

You'll find a balance of the German classics, that one may be craving on a visit to the Hauptstadt, and the more diverse foodie finds that reflect the multi-cultural bounty that is the Berlin food scene.  


Kadewe- the foodhall

The stunning department store that is the Kadewe (Kaufhaus des Westens) hosts Europe's largest foodhall and it demands that you visit. Far more affordable than its British rival (Harrods) and the Wintergarten canteen on the very top is special. Awesome view of the city and the food is just immense with a great variety. The strudel here with vanilla and blackcurrant sauce should not be missed.

Rogacki- the deli

This is a little piece of history. A family owned business since 1928, they have been providing Berliners with delicious morsels such as smoked fish, sausages and even oysters for years. Go during a month with a 'R' in it and enjoy yourself some oysters with a nice little glass of Riesling. Also, for a little trivia- Anthony Bourdain went to Rogacki during his episode on Berlin food.

Berliner Weisse at Zwiebelfisch

This is charming little bar in the chic neighborhood of Savignyplatz in Charlottenburg. This area was extremely popular amongst artists, poets and other Bohemian types in the 70s before this scene moved over to East Berlin after the fall of the wall, and Zwiebelfisch encapsulates that. You can enjoy some traditional German bites here or just a little tipple- the red or green Berliner Weisse is a Berlin classic you can try here.

Strudel at Einstein

Though this is an Austrian delicacy, of course it can be found extensively in Germany and Cafe Einstein Stammhaus provide a pretty scrummy offering.

Schnitzel at Austria

Another Austrian dish adopted by their Germanic cousins and after extensive research, it is the schnitzel at Austria that is my favourite in Berlin. Crispy coated and the size of your head, this will satisfy those that are craving the Teutonic classic.

Schwarzes Cafe

This 24 hour cafe/restaurant/bar is a typical Berlin establishment. Cosy with an endearing shabbiness where you can enjoy extremely good afternoon Kaffee & Kuchen (coffee/cake) or a midnight cocktail. Alternatively you can have an afternoon cocktail and a midnight coffee and cake.

Clärchens Ballhaus

This Berlin institution built in 1913 as a ballroom is still used for dancing to this day along with a great German menu and also pizzas. Try the classic Königsburger Klopse and then join in for a little salsa.

Currywurst at Konnopkes

Because no trip without the Berlin Currywurst would be complete!

Brunch at Dots

Delightful little cafe with all the necessary brunchtime treats such as pancakes, avocado toast and eggs.

Fassbender & Rausch

For the chocolate lovers amongst us! In a beautiful location, opposite Gendarmenmarkt, this chocolate shop is a must. Check out the Berlin landmarks made entirely from chocolate and there is even a chocolate restaurant upstairs.

Dong Xuan Center

Go to Vietnam for the day and experience the cultural richness that the prominent Vietnamese community in Berlin brings to the city.

Sonnenallee for Middle Eastern cuisine

This street is nicknamed 'Arabic Street' and hosts a multitude of fantastic Arabic restaurants. Azzam. Al Andalous. Akroum. To name a few spots! The heavenly scent of baklava fills the air, get off at Rathaus Neukölln and follow your nose.

Food Markets

The markets are a must for any trip of Berlin, they teach us so much about the culture of the city and are just plain delicious. There are quite a few in Berlin, almost every day of the week there is a market somewhere to be found- so below is a list of my favourites.

And of course, join one of my food tours!