Down by the river...


As this moody mist descends upon Berlin, it is a refreshing change from the typical January blanket of anaemic cloud for as far as the eye can see.

The fog lends a romantic, atmospheric vibe to the city, a far more enjoyable version of the bleak winters day.

And while I am one of those weirdos that run willingly, even happily, in the cold and the rain, jogging through this fog acts as a very welcome setting. There is a certain dramatic edge and mystery when you can't see past 10 meters ahead of you. With the right music blasting from your headphones, you can be the hero of your own horror/action movie. The apocalypse is in your hands!

Those endorphins sure are a powerful drug...


The 'Molecule Man', the colossal aluminium structure that overlooks this eastern section of the river Spree, slowly materialized on the horizon like otherworldly spectres. Were they friends or foe?

Going too far now?

Speaking of running, somehow and quite unexpectedly, over the last few years, it has become one of my great loves. At the moment, I am attempting to run every day in January as part of RED that is raising money for Mind, a mental health charity. This challenge struck a chord with me as my main incentive for running is for mental fitness rather than anything else. To donate click here.

Running in Berlin is a fairly dramatic experience whatever the weather. With ghosts of its tumultuous past scattered across its pancake flat plains, it makes for an impressive sightseeing tour. If you enjoy history, jogging and want to combine the two, click here to come run with me! Or email for more details.