New Year, New You

So Christmas has been and gone and 2017 is upon us. New resolutions are set and this is going to be your year!

Yes, we said the same thing last year but this time its true, new start, new outlook, new me.

Either way, after much indulging...well- gorging during the Christmas period, however you want to put it, January is a logical point to take a little extra care of our bodies. Go for a few trots around the park and shoot back a ginger shot or two.

´Veganuary´has been the buzzword of the last couple of years and the start of 2017 is no different.

For many, the thought of eliminating meat and dairy from their diet for a month will not go down well. Feelings of fear, confusion and disgust will be commonplace. Yet that would be ill-founded!

Vegan food is easily as delicious and satisfying as their carnivorous counterparts and with Berlin being the Vegan capital of Europe, I thought it only apt to account a list of some of my favourite vegan spots in Berlin to kick of the new year.

So this is for the vegans, vegan-curious and even those that cannot imagine a plate without a pound of flesh upon it.


Alaska Bar

This bar is Vegan Heaven and that is no exaggeration. Classic tapas devoid of meat, dairy or eggs but all the taste. Tortilla with aioli, croquettes, patatas bravas and even more. Enjoy with a little glass of Vermouth. This place would fool even the most dedicated meat eater.


Black Sheep Cafe

Charming all vegan cafe nestled within the leafier section of Neukölln on the border of Treptow, it is definitely worth the treck. Bagels with marmite and cheese, (a classic from where I'm standing!), beautiful cakes and pastries- and they brew their own Kombucha to give you that healthy kick we all need right now.


Chay Village

Vietnamese classics such as crispy pancakes and steaming plates of Bun Xa. No meat can be found here with nearly all options now being completely vegan, this is one of the best spots for Vietnamese food in Berlin with or without meat.

Let it be

Another all vegan option, offering a wide selection of burgers and crepes. Sweet and savoury crepes and fantastic fries and wedges to accompany these junk-food fantasies, this place is perfect for anyone with a fast-food craving.

Lily Burger

With a selection of vegan burgers to rival their regular meaty options- this place is great if you are with those that cannot commit to Veganuary. Their vegan mayo is so convincing I had to ask twice if they were positive it was not just a regular jar of Hellmanns.


Israeli cuisine in all its glory. Roasted aubergines, silky tahini sauce, pillowy pitta breads and fresh salads- their vegan options are sublime.


South Indian cuisine with all the flavour and punch that most Indian restaurants in Berlin lack.

Plenty of vibrant vegan options here such as traditional dosas with sweet potato and the Bombay bhel (pictured below) was like nothing I have ever tried before! Teamed with fresh and fragrant chutnies- go, go, go!

Michelberger Hotel

This restaurant is a little bit special. Gorgeous ambiance and they always have one really beautiful vegan option. The lack of choice makes things easier and it never disappoints.


DONUTS! Oodles of donuts, all different flavours- now who cannot be happy with that?


Vegan Currywurst is not too easy to find, even in the Vegan capital, but this little stall has one for all you vegans wanting to try this Berlin classic.


Amongst all the regular pizzas, Monella offer a couple of good vegan options. Not being a massive fan of the phenomenon that is vegan 'cheese', they don't mess around with food substitutes but rather celebrate naturally vegan ingredients- beautiful tomato sauce, roasted vegetables, pine nuts etc.


Great place for lunch. Bagels, ciabatta and juices

Superfoods & Organic Liquids

As it says in the title- this is one for the healthy vegan. Super salads bursting with vitamins and green smoothies galore.