Berlin's best falafel

Falafel in Berlin is as ubiquitous as the currywurst, the ampelmann and dog poop on your shoe. Popping out for one is akin to going for a curry or to the chippie back in the UK. And they are awesome.

Due to the prominent Arabic community here in Berlin, the majority of whom were refugees from the Middle East, in particular those escaping from the Lebanon Civil war during the 70s, Berlin is blessed with vibrant and delicious Arabic food.

Lebanese, Palestinian and even Egyptian restaurants offer a wealth of dishes such as everyones favourite - hummus, creamy musabaha, earthy foul and of course the one and only falafel. The choice of places to find such delicacies in Berlin is endless, and so too the quality.

Here I have collected my personal favourites for you and awarded them the medals they deserve, along with an honourable mention as it was really pretty hard to narrow these choices down.

You would be more than satisfied with each one of these falafels, but it is Mo's that steals my falafel loving heart.

A tip for your falafel quest- though you can find offerings across the city, Neukölln or 'Little Beirut',  is mecca for them, hence why the majority of my choices are in this neighbourhood.

So enjoy, and happy falafel hunting!


Honourable mention:

1001 falafel

1001 falafel will always hold a special place in my heart as it is one of the very first falafels I ever tried in Berlin and the first one my Mother tried when she came to visit.  She still talks about it today. Super scrummy falafel im brot with a lusciously tangy tahini sauce, this wrap is a perfect falafel fix. The makali here is also awesome. Not much space to sit down, more of a place to grab it and go or perch on one of the benches. You can find these guys on Stargarder strasse in Prenzlauer Berg and also in Kreuzberg at Oranienplatz.

Stargarder Str. 73, 10437 Berlin, and Oranienstr. 196, 10999 Berlin


Al Andalos

This colourful Lebanese restaurant on Sonnenallee in Neukölln may not offer the best falafel but the hummus and sides of warm tomatoes and green beans, sauteed potatoes, pickles, rice with lentils and spinach elevates their falafel plate to one of my all time favourite things to eat in Berlin. Seriously delicious. Ask for the Vegetarisch Teller (vegetarian plate).

Sonnenallee 40, 12045 Berlin





Just a few doors down from Al Andalos (this area really is the place for falafel) is Azzam. It was with difficulty that I placed these guys second, as their food is truly awesome and it was Azzam that introduced me to the world of beautiful Palestinian cuisine. The service is dreamy (last time they gave me some baklava on the house!) and the food authentic. Watching the hummus made by hand is mesmerizing and shows how everything here is made fresh and to order. The taste reflects this, with spiced falafel that I think has a delicate flavour close to gingerbread. That sounds a bit strange actually, but either way they are great. Go with a friend and share the falafel plate and a musabaha. You'll be happy, I promise.

Sonnenallee 54, Berlin




Mo's Kleiner Imbiss

Their slogan reads 'The King of Falafel' and they do not lie. The falafel wrap here is bursting with freshness. Roasted vegetables, spicy harissa, hummus and their gorgeous falafel. Here, there seems to be extra greens in the falafel mix and they taste somehow juicy, succulent. Another place to grab it and go, this will satisfy all your falafel dreams and desires. Go, go now.

Urbanstraße 68
10967 Berlin