Mo's Imbiss - the King of Falafel


Along Urbanstraße lies a little hole in the wall adorned with a funky sign claiming to be 'the king of falafel'. Hmm I wonder, in Berlin? In the world? Well, I was going to find out.

People are always crowded around this little spot and having exhausted the other falafel hotspots in Neukölln where I live, it seemed time to put this claim to the test.

Arriving at Mo's Imbiss, we are met with 2 hungry groups waiting despite, what was, a chilly evening. Once it was our turn we are greeted by the kind faced co-owner ready to take our order.  Taking time to consider the menu, I notice that someone here is either naturally health conscious, or seriously clued up as to what is popular on the food scene right now. There is a variety of clearly stated vegan options with vegan 'halloumi', cutely named- 'vegalloumi', freshly- pressed beetroot and ginger juice and salads. This is a falafel- come- cleaneating health nut's dream. I LOVE IT.

I order the vegan falafel with vegan halloumi, (this is essentially tofu but it really works) and hummus. My boyfriend orders the regular halloumi falafel.

The lady prepares the falafel with care and precision and it arrives stuffed with roasted vegetables; aubergine, potato and broccoli and a generous dollop of creamy hummus. There are some great falafel in Berlin but I found this seriously delicious and bursting with a freshness others lack. Leafy greens and a spicy harissa sauce take this to another level for me, even the falafel seems to have veggies in it. Nothing greasy about Mo's falafel apart from the spicy harissa sauce dripping all over your fingers. And that kind of grease is ok by me.


The lady behind the window serves us copious amounts of hot, sweet tea and apple slices to refresh our palates, you get the impression she wants to look after her customers,  that she cares. Something not always so common in Berlin and so always a treat. We have a little chat with her and learn she comes from Russia and owns Mo's with her Damascan husband- Mo of course! They used to have a slightly larger restaurant in nearby Graefestraße, until the lease ran out and they moved to their tiny spot in Neukölln.


Mo's is a little gem, fresh, clean and mouth-watering falafal with a little bit of Russian love. I'd definitely recommend this place for Berlin locals and visitors alike. Before long they will have to start looking for somewhere a little bigger than than their quaint little hole in the wall- I'm sure of it!

Mo’s kleiner Imbiss Urbanstraße 68
10967 Berlin

U-bahn- Hermannplatz