Welcome food lovers!


I thought I should start my blog with a little introduction and a thank you to you for stopping by! It's only polite after all.

I'm Sam and I'm originally from a town just outside of London, England.

I moved to Berlin with my German partner to escape the rat race of London town and Berlin offers a distinctly slower and more relaxed pace of life which suits me to a T. No longer packed like a sardine on the tube, fighting for your life to get on the train every day, often resulting in fisticuffs before eight in the morning. Berlin was a breath of fresh air, and though of course London is special, Berlin feels like home.

Food has always been my passion. I love preparing it, talking about it, learning about it and of course eating it. So I have decided to make my living by showing like-minded people the amazing food scene we have here in Berlin.

With this blog I shall tell you about all the places I like to eat at in this great city, recipes I like to make, some possibly nerdy food history and general fun Berlin happenings.

So hop on board and come along for the ride!