The Women of Berlin Tour

The history of Berlin is extensive and tumultuous. It is a city that has had countless battles and challenges.

There have been many players during this history, good and bad, but the majority of those we learn about are men- right? This tour focuses on the women of this great city and how they have helped shape what Berlin and Germany is today.

It is an important time for women and gender equality, so let’s be a part of it and celebrate the great women of Berlin that the history books have left behind!

From resistance fighters to culinary inventors, actresses to queens. Come meet some of the amazing women of berlin and explore the city through them.

Food is not included on this tour but there is the opportunity to try a special snack and drink at your discretion that were brought to us by two of our very special ‘Berlinerinnen’ (Berlin gals).

  • Daily at 10:30am

  • Roughly 2 hours

  • Price: 18€

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